A Horrible Weekend

This weekend was horrible. Everyone wanted a piece out of me.

This is the first weekend Yuto is home since the meningitis incident. And as usual sister #1 has booked to go on holiday (again) with her autistic boyfriend (again) during a period where Yuto is having a health issue (again).

So she asked me to stay to look after him (again). And upon hearing about it, my Husband offered to stay with me. In my version of events, I asked him if he wanted to and told him that he didn’t have to. He, of course, disagrees (as usual).

First off, even though she knew that my Husband was going to stay, the maid couldn’t even put out a bath towel for him. Just couldn’t. Her third world brain couldn’t even compute it. On Saturday, after sleeping over on Friday night, and being awake at 7am, the maid didn’t even ask if we wanted any breakfast. On top of that, as long as I was in the house, she made absolutely no effort to check in on Yuto despite being the most annoying worrier before he came home.

This is why in general, I don’t get along with people from the third world. They’re often a big waste of their organs.

And my Husband. Who insisted on staying (he disagrees as mentioned). Whining about everything. He usually does but this time it was extra ridiculous. To me, if someone’s in a bad mood, then they should get the hell away from me. Getting angry with me for being quiet after all nonsensical complaining. In front of his Mother. It was mortifying.

Sigh. So basically the weekend has been tiring and disrespectful and awful.

Honestly, it’s not that I want to die. I just don’t want to be awake.

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