So. Much. Stupidity. Today. At all the levels. I never thought I would see the day.

Today, someone told me that how and why meant the same thing. I proceeded to tell him that how you do something and why you do something are clearly very different in meaning.

And someone else, a member of the HR dept of an energy company, felt fit to communicate to me that if she hired a domestic helper from Indonesia, why on earth would she require that helper to speak English?

I can’t even.

The sadness inside me has sort of given way to frustration. At this horrible course that I have been made to undergo. Yes, it’s for my own development. Yes, I would have to take it at some point. But for heaven’s sake, it’s turning out to be some sort of test of my patience.

The course content itself is not difficult. But the trainer is not ideal. He’s very unclear with his instructions and seems to expect me to already have the clearest idea on how to use the system – and it’s 25 different links to submit assignments.

What is most trying on my nerves is the people. Constantly asking me questions. Constantly not paying attention and asking me to repeat the information more than once. I HATE IT. This class is bringing out the stupidest, most incompetent side of people and it’s terrifying, infuriating, exasperating and other adjectives at slip my mind at this moment.

Why can’t I catch a break?

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